Don't base the price of your home off Square Meters. Here's why

We don’t provide square meterage rate based quotes – and here is why!

Nest Bespoke Homes are custom home builders and in as such, with custom built projects there is no set rate. That is because no two projects are the same, no site conditions are the same and no two clients ever want the same inclusions.

To provide highly customised and individual homes, Nest Bespoke Homes needs to look at all the individual components that go into building a home that suit your needs and price accordingly. With custom homes, because each design is not the same, each component that is needed to build the home is priced accordingly to give the final figure. In order to give the client a detailed proper quote, the builder needs to fully understand the plan, scope of work, site conditions and time constraints.

A square meterage rate can be useful at the outset in order to create a ballpark starting figure. How we calculate this is by taking the clients overall budget amount (X) and divide that by the total size of the project (X ÷ Total SQM) which should give you a rate per sqm. This rate is usually applied at the beginning of the project and will more than likely change during the quoting process. It is at this stage that Nest Bespoke Homes will determine whether a client’s budget is workable.

Other builders provide a free quote – why do we charge a fee?

Yes, some other builders do provide free quotes.  However, more often than not their quote has been devised using the inaccurate square meterage rate method (this will wind up costing you more as the full price is realised). Another alternative to this is by using a starting figure so low that the builder makes up their margin by lowering standards and inclusions and adding ‘extras’ and ‘upgrades’ throughout the build process – often making it incredibly expensive for clients to get the home they want.

To produce a meaningful, accurate and concise quote – much time is needed. There are many differing steps, tests, studies and costs that need to be compiled into a single document and this can take time. A paid quote will allow us more time to investigate deeper into each individual client, their site and their vision. By entering in to an agreement with Nest Bespoke Homes, we can commit to producing an accurate, quality quote with all scopes assessed and any foreseeable items allowed for. We do this using the latest in 3D estimating software from Buildsoft to help achieve this.


Give Nest Bespoke Homes a call if your considering building your next family home. Whether you provide your own plans or we design the home for you, we are committed to delivering your bespoke home from start to finish.

Saul Edmonds