Virtual Reality meets Nest Bespoke Homes


When designing a client’s home it is all about extracting the design list from their mind and getting it onto paper. What if there was a way our clients could walk through their home in a virtual reality experience? Well there is!

The virtual reality functionality to BIMx with a Google Cardboard viewer for Android and iOS smart phones allows our clients to walk through a 3D virtual world of their home design simply by turning their heads in the desired direction.

Nest Bespoke Homes sees this technology as such a beneficial tool in reaching their clients dream design. Being able to walk through and around a space can help our clients visualise their 2D design in a 3D virtual reality.  

The cardboard viewer has given the everyday home owner access to the VR world.

As builders we offer this amazing tool to our clients to assist them in achieving their desired space and ultimately reaching their dream home.

See the BIMx youtube video on how easy this product is to use.

Saul Edmonds