Progress Update from Nest

Its been a busy few months for us all here at Nest with these two renovations starting to come together amongst our large pipeline of work. The first example in Hendra, features substantial contemporary cubist style extension at the rear, whilst maintaining the traditional Queeenslander for the main pavilion. The extension piece has been painted in black to create a contrast against the traditional cream / white queenslander facade which helps to visually push the extension away from the foreground. Internally, the layout has completely changed with structural changes made to make a much more open-play type living, rather than the a typical Queenslander with rooms and living areas sectioned away from one another, yet retains the traditional front veranda.  With a program running ahead of schedule, the clients are very happy.

Located in Hawthorne, our second renovation features an upper level extension with an additional Main Bedroom, ensuite and walk in robe, and a new garage to the front. With challenging topography, sloping away from the street, the front garage sits on a traditional slab on ground, with a suspended entry walkway to the main pavilion situated on bearers and joists. 

With all new decking and flooring, the extension also includes some new traditional architectural features such as a double gable to the front facade and colonial style balustrades to compliment and respect the traditional Queenslander style.

We can't wait to hand the keys over to our happy clients!

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Saul Edmonds