Communication is the key to client satisifaction! A look into our Online Portal

Building a new home is a huge commitment, not only financially, but emotionally. There are large decisions to be made on many things, be itbudget, design, finishes and the list goes on. To make these decisions and the communications between client and builder easier, we have introduced a new online portal.

The portal is a highly functional tool which allows us to share daily information on the project not only between builder and client, but builder and subcontractors. It is a true 'single source' of information where anyone who is involved in the project have access to, and share information. For us, this means distributing orders to suppliers and subcontractors quickly and efficiently to assist with delivering your home on time and on budget. We also take daily photos which assists with monitoring both progress and quality. For clients, they can log in a see the daily progress photos of their home, track their budget, approve any variations or send any direct communications to us.

This system has been a fantastic tool which was initially introduced to ensure that us, as builders, run efficiently and smoothly. However we have come to realise that our clients have a vested interest too as they can daily see the progress photos by simply logging onto the portal through either their iphone, ipad or home computer from anywhere at anytime! The portal is very user friendly and simple to navigate.

Our clients love it as it makes the whole building process completely transparent as they are kept up to date on progress daily. This system is just one the the many things which separates Nest from many other builders. We embrace new technologies in the interests of better serving our valued customers.

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Saul Edmonds