Respecting History in Modern Renovations

Good architecture should respect and celebrate the historical value of its place.

In Brisbane, houses constructed pre- 1946 are protected from demolition by local and state government legislation. The preservation of these houses ensures that charming Queenslanders, with their tin roofs, shady verandas and timber claddings remain a key part of the urban fabric throughout Brisbane.


We believe that a properly executed renovation of a Queenslander can add considerable value to your home’s value. It’s unsurprising that pre-war suburbs like Hawthorne, Bulimba, Hamilton, Ascot remain the most expensive postcodes in Queensland. The value of these streets is created through the sum of the houses. Put simply, these streets are valuable due to beautiful and unique character created by numerous renovated Queenslanders side by side.

Nest Bespoke Homes is quickly being recognized for its expertise in restoring such beautiful Queenslanders, steeped in history, to their former glory. We believe that in respecting the historical value of the house will in turn respect the intrinsic value of the house.

With Queenslanders, we will always insist on utilizing lightweight materials over heavy, colorbond roofs over tile, timber picket fence over block etc. However, that is not to say that your new home can’t embrace the latest in technologies and modern comforts.

Led lights, PV cells and insulation typically feature in our renovations ensuring these characteristically hot Queenslanders remain cool and draw little energy. Modern touches such as wine fridges, outdoor kitchens and luxurious ensuites with freestanding baths, are often requested by our customers. Its all up to their imagination.

If you’d like to know more about how Nest Bespoke Homes can assist with your Character Home, please contact us.

Note: the following link is a great guide for Heritage and Character homes in Brisbane:'s_heritage_places_and_character_homes.pdf

Saul Edmonds