Tips for New Home Builders


So, you’re planning to build with Nest Bespoke Homes; we’re so glad to be working with you, and congrats! Although it may seem a bit daunting for you, that’s ok! That’s where we come in and help you through times that may seem overwhelming, and we can help you end with the best results suited to your luxurious perfection! To help this process, there are a few things you should take into consideration before and during the building process.

building plans.jpg

Step 1: Make sure your finances are in order.

Although building your first home is exciting to say the least, accommodating for its finances can be extremely stressful.

To be fully qualified for a home loan in Australia, it's important to note your individual debt-to-income ratio and history of how frequently you pay your bills on time. Although you may be very keen on building your new home, it's necessary you maintain stable employment to assist your financial situation. Ensuring you pay off all or most of any debts you may owe to the bank will help. Then, saving a healthy deposit (of around maybe 20 to 30 percent) would be good should there be any emergencies, and to cover settlement costs by the end of the building process.

Finding and applying for your homeowner grant is also crucial, so it's vital you find one which suits the need of you and your other home companions. Checking that everything of your home grant is necessary so you can utilise it to your fill advantage to build your dream home.


Step 2: Make sure you invest A LOT of time into the planning process.

Your house will be your prized possession, so make sure it's built to your absolute perfection!

Coming up with ideas before you begin is hand for your Nest bespoke builder. Stat by visiting display homes; getting the vibe of a new home will help you decide what style you like or are not so fussed on... 

Creating vision boards with programs such as Pinterest are also very common and can help you decide what you and your builders want the design of the home to look like.

Taking into consideration your lifestyle factors will also be important. It can help you decide factors such as indoor and outdoor space matter to you, as well as how important other accessories are (e.g. a pool, backyard, etc.). Once you've completed this stage, it's time to landscape it- is your house facing the right way? Do your interior and exterior colours match... all the other important details!


Step 3: Be part of the building and planning process.

Now that you've planned out the beginnings of your house-building journey, it's time for the real action to happen! Although you may completely trust your builder to complete the process without your assistance, being part of the building process is a 100% must!

Make sure you regularly check on the construction site your home is being built on. Being able to notice details only you may be able to pick up on construction may seem tedious, but it helps you gain the best result for your end goal for your home. Communicating with others on site constantly is crucial in order to generate the best outcome for you and the builders.


Step 4: Patience for your Masterpiece!

Rome wasn't built in a day... and nor will your house (unfortunately)!

Patience is required for building the amazing and luxurious home of your dreams, even though you may want to move into your house ASAP headstrong with excitement. Don't worry, everyone wants this (even us!). You need to be prepared for twists and turns; some things may take longer than expected because of some possible issues, and that's ok- it just means extra time to perfect your dream home! one thing you can guarantee is your house being perfect once it is completed!

Building your new home can be an exciting but tumultuous journey; it's like a rollercoaster ride which constantly rises and falls. However, with our help, you can achieve your wildest house dreams!

Ryan Britton