Roof Gardens - Improving the Thermal Performance of Your Home

Your roof is the primary insulator from the penetrating Queensland sun. For most typical homes, we recommend a 'cool roof' which is simply the employment of a white or light coloured roof which will reflect much of the heat and light and thus reducing heat in the ceiling cavity and down into the home.

However for those who may be a little more adventurous and on a slightly larger budget, a 'green roof' may be worth considering. Not only do they look incredible, the roof top garden acts as an insulator between the sun and the living space of the home. Equally, during winter they prevent the thermal energy generated from escaping, thus also keeping the home warmer during the winter cold. We are really pleased to be delivering one of these systems from Fytogreen to an extensive build in Hamilton.


Roof Gardens are highly complimentary to modern 'cubist' type designs that employ a flat pitched roof structure. Utalising a waterproof membrane and a rooftop drainage cell, the garden otherwise acts as any other garden would. Additionally, as the garden is typically in full sun for most of the day, plants will flourish green when using the correct species. 

Call us to see how we can incorporate one of these amazing innovations into your new build or renovation.

Saul Edmonds