Embracing Sustainable Passive Design

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To us, a “Nest” represents a home made out of natural materials. Our brand captures our core beliefs with respect to designing and building beautiful and sustainable homes. Given all our ‘Nests’ are bespoke, we take care to ensure our design are considerate to the climatic conditions of the region the solar orientation of the lot.

Amongst other benefits, our passive design philosophy seeks to make the most of the low winter sun by locating living areas with large windows to the north and attempts to minimise the western afternoon heat in the summer by locating non-habitable rooms such as the garage to the west where possible. Windows are strategically located to capture prevalent breezes and make the most of thermal massing. This approach is different to typical contract builders who have pre-designed homes which are chosen “off the shelf” and arbitrarily placed on a lot. This approach doesn’t permit true passive design and its what sets us apart from the rest.

The key benefits of passive design is that it truly creates a more liveable home, lowers energy and running costs and is obviously far better for the environment!

“Your Home” is a fantastic source of information on passive design and other sustainable design initiatives and is a great starting point for those interested in the finer details of the design of their new home.


Saul Edmonds