View Check!

Last Saturday we spent the day with two separate sets of clients checking out the views they will be enjoying from their new Nest Bespoke designed and constructed homes.
We take no chances when designing our homes! Utilising the cherry picker, we can accurately assess the view potential of our client's blocks from each individual floor. We like to invite our clients along so that they too can get an accurate understanding.

Our client's block at Wellington Point faces west, however after reviewing the site using the cherry picker, we've established a way to design the house, utilising the neighbours home to block the harsh afternoon sun, to ensure our client's outdoor living area is protected, and so they can enjoy their bay views year round. 

Using the cherry picker at our Manly client's block, we learned that the views were partially obstructed by large trees to the north west, yet enjoyed  open views to the North East over the bay across to Wellington Point, even as far as Stradbroke Island. Our design will now ensure the upper deck is correctly positioned and additional windows are placed on the eastern wall in the living room to capture this beautiful vista.

Amazingly with a good set of binoculars, each set of clients could probably see each other across the bay!

We love what we do and love finding ways to get the most out of our clients blocks. Give us a call today to see what what potential we can realise from yours.

Saul Edmonds