Is the Hampton style home the new age Queenlander?

The Hampton style home is growing increasingly popular here in Queensland and its easy to understand why. It's homely, timeless design, exudes an elegant charm which resonates very closely to that of a traditional Queenslander.  With its weatherboard cladding, highly detailed roof gables, expansive verandas, timber french doors and multi-light panels, the two types of home styles can be considered to be a close relative of one another. We are seeing more and more clients requesting this style of home in their brief, such as the below example which has just come off the drafting table.


Internally, both Queenslanders and Hampton style homes typically feature high levels of detailing, with wall paneling, intricate stairways, bay windows, ornate tapware and shaker style kitchens. Whilst these builds result in a classic style which will out-last the many generations that will call it home, the the high level of detailing requires a huge amount of attention to detail and an even greater degree of craftsmanship. 

Nest Bespoke Homes is in the unique position of being able to both design these timeless beauties and bring them come to life through our meticulous attention to detail. We only use highly experienced trades to ensure our exceedingly high standards are met.  

Call us today to book a consultation. Whether its your new 'forever' home or to bring new life to your old Queenslander, we would only be too pleased to hear your thoughts and offer you guidance on your next project.

Saul Edmonds