Its all in the details...

At Nest, it's important to us that every facet of our homes are crafted to perfection. Whilst its true that the internal spacial arrangement, facade & elevation treatments, colours, materials, fixtures & fittings and so on make up 90% of what goes into a quality home; at Nest, we go the extra mile to ensure that the balance 10%, the details, are not only well thought through, but well executed.

We're half way through construction of a statement architectural home in Manly where we have designed and implemented a number of theses unique details ... Below is a shot of the custom made, single rib folded metal fascia. The fascia is approximately double the height of a typical fascia yet has no joins providing a super clean finish to the front and side facades. The single folded rib prevents any warping which might otherwise occur due to its oversized nature.


To maxamise space in the rear yard we have incorporated a courtyard pool which actually feels like it is in the middle of the home. This design requires part of the upper level to be suspended over the pool with a large 300mm I-beam. Whilst structurally, this I-beam only needed to be supported with a small 90mm square hollow sectioned post, we felt this post would look out of proportion relative to the I-Beam. Instead, with the blessing of the client, have incorporated oversized 200mm round hollow section posts which look incredible!  

download (17).jpeg

We've been working with our cabinet makes to detail a kitchen comprising of fully flush surfaced joinery. In the picture below, you can see where we have rebated the cupboards so that the gable ends are hidden from the front view. This is a very subtle detail that isn't commonly done in homes, yet provides a very clean and minimalist aesthetic.


It's numerous small details like these, which when added together, create a home which is bespoke in its truest form. At Nest, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Saul Edmonds