Creating experiences, not just building homes

At Nest, we understand that people today expect more…

People crave individuality and differentiation. People today aren’t simply satisfied with buying good products, they expect a unique experience.  People seek escapism in their home.

It’s for this reason we don’t believe in picking up a house design “off the shelf” and placing it arbitrarily on an allotment. Rather, we believe that homes must be created to suit the customer’s unique lifestyle and be designed and constructed to respond to the unique characteristics of the allotment and the streetscape.

Does the customer seek the social interaction offered by a large open-plan, or do they prefer a home which has numerous quiet spaces for different family members to escape to? Do they want their home to be able to adapt, as their children grow older?

How does the house respond to the site? Is there a large degree of slope on the allotment which needs to be accommodated into the house design? How can it be best orientated to maximize livability in all seasons? Are their views to be captured? What aesthetic are they seeking?

These are all critical in the successful planning of a great and livable home. Additionally, its important that homes are a reflection of our customer’s personalities and lifestyles. It's in the details where we inject our customer's personalities into their homes.

Want your robe to feel like your own personal clothing boutique?



Want to display your wine collection in its own temperature and humidity controlled room?



For us, its not simply enough to build custom homes; we also strive provide our customers an amazing experience in the process. Nest Bespoke Homes are designed in our customer’s eyes, guided by our experience.

Saul Edmonds